Our Story 我們的故事

True love. Strong and free.


Canadian Rocks僅使用負責任的加拿大鑽石製作我們的珠寶。這意味著您知道您的鑽石在生產過程的每一步都得到了很好的照顧。我們還認為,最美麗的事物也應該是最美好的事物,因此我們幫助制定了《加拿大鑽石行為守則》。我們相信承諾,這就是我們對您的責任。

Our Story

Canadian Rocks only uses responsible Canadian diamonds in our jewellery. That means you know your diamond is taken good care of every step of its journey. We also believe that the most beautiful things should also be the most good, so we helped create the Canadian Diamond Code of Conduct. And we believe in commitment, so this is ours to you.